1,2,4... GO!

We are a Baku based creative and music agency with a strong Italian creativity, Azerbaijani identity and International vision.
We started our journey as the communication department of United Cultures MMC, a reality that has a long experience in the creation of concepts and organization of cultural events, working alongside international organizations, public institutions and private companies. As projects requests kept coming, we thought essential to set up an agency that could fully dedicate itself to marketing and communication. So we did!

124... REASONS

Why choose us ?
The short answer is because we are reliable.
The longer one, it is because we are simple but no boring, humble but no self-doubting, bold but no cheeky, different but not indifferent!
Communication is a matter of emotions and feelings and we know how to generate them. Inspired by beauty, we are able to build unique experiences to be shared with the people. The line between a successful and an unsuccessful communication project can be very thin though. We work to make that line go in the right direction. Where do you want to go?


We believe that sensitivity is a great gift. We cultivated this gift to the point it has become our most important asset. We have an eye for details, emotional intuition and a sixth sense for the consequences of our actions: we notice and feel more. Being sensitive is ultimately what allows us to meet costumers real needs and to be winners in business.

Everyone should have a person they can blindly trust. We want to be that person for your company. We take care of your project entirely and handle your requests in a timely manner. We are the ever-present wingers that lead you to your goal.

Passion is everything in life. You can’t excel at anything unless you put your heart and soul into it. We are a company with a soul. A wonderful one. We are passionate about life as well as about our job, and put the same amount of intensity from the smallest to the biggest of our projects.

Communication is an art that deals with a variety of forms and means. We adapt to uncomfortable situations and succeed in facing the most different challenges because we are experienced problem solvers in our professional life as well as in our private one. Being positive and life enthusiasts allows us to join the dots and come up with tailored solutions.

To be remembered in a positive way we must be able to effectively convey messages, feelings, leaving a deep mark. In our work we create truly memorable things and experiences that are willingly shared with friends and family.


We are a group of designers, video makers, writers, alternative thinkers and digital natives who share the same passion for life.